Our journey had been arduous. The road, long and winding. Consequently taking us to places we would never have guessed.


Initially we started with freelance illustration. Which then evolved into a webcomic. This, in turn, paved the way for merchandise design and ultimately led us to NFT art.


We still see a long and tantalizing road ahead of us though. That is to say, there's still a lot to learn and many ideas that need to be given life.

So, here is our challenge: will you join us in this adventure?


Fiddlesticks Studio team comprises two hard working entrepreneurs. This setup, while ensuring peak efficiency, also cultivates creative freedom. Therefore being both deliberate and advantageous for us at this stage.


T.E. “Teb” van Dijk is the unbridled creative force that is balanced by the steady organizational genius of Jorine Houweling. Thus, their skill sets compliment each other perfectly so that the creative whole is greater than its parts. 


Especially now we’re entering an A.I. revolution; adaptability and learning will be essential for any company. As a result, many big companies will struggle to adapt quickly enough in the coming years. 

Hench, small companies and teams that are ready for bold changes will be at a distinct advantage.

Tebbo van Dijk

Founder & Art Director

Jorine Houweling

Manager & Developer

Turning ideas into reality


The true and tested skill of thinking up an image and putting it on (digital) paper to give it life.


Most revered of creative crafts, but also the most underestimated: effective writing & storytelling.

Prompt Engineering

The new kid on the block. Tell the A.I. what you want basically. Sounds oh so simple but is an entire craft in itself that will grow exponentially in the coming years.

Web(3) Development

A.I. and blockchain technologies will make everything easier and quicker for us. Nevertheless it's still essential to be able to build anything online.