The Beardy Bastards are back!

All beardy fans have been waiting for this… go see the beardies back in action!

Welcome to Fiddlesticks Studio!

The studio that brings you the Beardy Bastards Webcomic 2.0!


Tebbo van Dijk
Jorine Houweling
Tebbo van Dijk

Tebbo van Dijk

Art Director & Allround Designer

T.E. “Teb” van Dijk is the allround artist and writer of Beardy Bastards.

He lives with his wife and 5-year-old son near the woods in the middle of the Netherlands. Yep, it’s not all tulips and weeds over there!

Teb is specialized in illustration, graphic design, game design, multi-level daydreaming and growing a beard.

Jorine Houweling

Jorine Houweling

Manager & Web Developer

Jorine “Beardlovinglady” Houweling is co-creator of Beardy Bastards.

But more importantly she manages all odds and ends of creative chaos. As well as building websites and trying to keep everything up and running.

She lives with Teb and the little one, thus wearing the heavy burden of being the only adult in this household.


    Fiddlesticks Studio
    Geertgen tot Sint Janslaan 8
    3723 CK Bilthoven - The Netherlands